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Before & After Pictures

Chakra Tuning

Chakras are energy centers in the body that take In energy and they send it out to your body and your aura.


This energy is used to energize and revitalize you. 

It is important to keep the chakras balanced

in order to stay healthy and for your well being. 


The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator balances 16

chakras in the body to resonate at their designed

frequencies which are octaves up from the

frequency of the earth.  They often can become

out of tune due to stress, anxiety, dis-ease and more.  


Here are some before and after pictures of auras of some people  who have been “tuned up”.


If an after picture shows lighter colors from where you started or even has changed more to White, Purple or Blue

then the body has benefited from the chakra tuning greatly.

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