Jack is a Graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health. He is also a Reiki Practitioner.  Jack is a natural born Spiritual Teacher with an Intuitive ability to help others become connected and aware.  He has an exceptional brilliance using the Law of Attraction with great results to help and guide others towards obtaining their desires.  He also enjoys sharing his gift of Automatic Writing.  Jack is an Energy Body Light Worker.  Using an Aura Camera along with an Energized Crystal Chakra Tuner he is able to naturally enhance the health and life force energy of the body.  He has also studied Nicola Tesla and is known by those around him as the “Fork Bender” using his telekinesis abilities. Jack travels nationally with his wife Susan and has appeared in newspapers, television, and radio. 
A1  Aura & Chakras Readings
Ph(989) 600-1445
Serving Upper Midwest


Jack's Bio
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