Susan Lewis is an eager teacher and powerful life coach. One of her greatest loves is to share her knowledge through the teaching of others. Susan is a Certified Medical Intuitive and a Reiki Master. She is closely connected with keen intuition and enjoys offering Angel Readings. Susan is a gifted Aura and Chakra Interpreter specializing as a Color Expert.  She is a natural light worker and practices energy work of the body, including chakra tuning. Susan has also studied and has great depth of knowledge in Essential Oils, Gem Stones, and Crystals. She has studied and practiced the Law of Attraction and the work of Edgar Cayce. Susan has over 20 years of experience working with print media and publishers.  She is working with her husband  Jack in the Ministry of helping and empowering other.  They are unique in offering the services of Husband and Wife Medical Intuitive appointments as a Team.  In the past Susan and Jack have shared their knowledge with their own radio show.

A1  Aura & Chakras Readings
Ph(989) 600-1445
Serving Upper Midwest


Susan's Bio
Contact Susan for Phone Readings
Angel Readings $30.00 15 min
Medical Intuitive Appointments
$70.00 Mini Scan (approx 40 min)
$120.00 full Scan (approx 90 min)
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